Tiny Mouse, Big Shadow.

by dhlui4

Recently I’ve learned to ask myself, “Am I making things bigger than they seem?”  It’s a simple question but many times I find myself blowing things out of proportion when faced with an issue and the enormity of the situation has me frozen in fear.

When faced with looking for a new job I found myself scared of being rejected, doubting my experience and facing change.  When staring at the online tax forms I find excuses to start on them later expecting the daunting task of filing the red tape.  But when faced with the reality that I’m making harder on myself, I found it much easier to take the steps to just get things done.  It’s easier to focus on what needs to be done rather than the what ifs.

This all really came back around when I read Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Jonson.  It was a real easy and short read in which Jonson uses a parable about several characters in a maze to describe how people can deal with change.

How do you deal with your little monsters?